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Waukesha Christian Academy.

Faith Baptist Church of Waukesha, Wisconsin opened the Waukesha Christian Academy for the first time on Tuesday, September 7, 1976.

As a result of the blessing of God, the Faith Baptist Church of Waukesha, Wisconsin opened the Waukesha Christian Academy for the first time on Tuesday, September 7, 1976. For almost four years the church prayed definitely that the Lord might enable them to begin a Christian Day School in the Waukesha area. In the spring of 1976, the Faith Baptist Church bought the Westmoreland School Property on Merrill Hills Road between Madison Street and Westmoreland Road, just west of the city limits. Utilizing the four room school and the two acres of land, an elementary school was established, with four grades in each of two rooms, plus half-day kindergarten. After six years, we had outgrown the original building, and in 1982, we added three more classrooms along with other facilities. This more than doubled our usable space. In 1984 we added the ninth grade and in 1985 we added the tenth grade. In 1989 we completed the secondary education, with the addition of the eleventh and twelfth grades. We now have thirteen years of Christian Education for our children. In 1994 we completed our new church building, and moved the four years of high school to the Torhorst School section of the church.

We would encourage you to drive out into the country to see these two beautiful sites, and we invite your questions about the Waukesha Christian Academy.

What does Waukesha Christian Academy have to offer?

•    Five year Kindergarten through High School.
•    Traditional Form of Education using Christian Curricula.
•    Half-day of Kindergarten for five year olds, who have reached the age of five
      before September 1st of the year of enrollment or not too long after.
•    We have two grades in each of four elementary classrooms, through eighth.
•    The High School is located in the church building and offers an adequate
      curriculum for college entrance.
•    Our teachers are well-qualified, and all have a thorough knowledge and love
      of the Bible.

What does Waukesha Christian Academy emphasize? 

We emphasize the basic studies of education with a Biblical Foundation. The subjects of reading, history, spelling, geography, social studies, science, music, physical
education, etc. are under-girded with a Biblical philosophy rather than a humanistic

We emphasize discipline, for we believe that neither home nor nation can stand
without discipline. We exercise discipline in study, behavior, dress, appearance, recreation
and social relationships. Our desire is to develop Christian character in the lives of our
young people.

In addition to the basic education studies, the Waukesha Christian Academy
provides Bible Classes every day, Chapel Services once a week, a program of Bible
memory, prayer and instruction in Christian living throughout the week.
We place great importance on spelling, a phonetic reading program and basic

What makes Waukesha Christian Academy different?

Waukesha Christian Academy gives the Bible and Prayer a prominent place throughout the day.
It is Patriotic, showing respect for the United States Heritage, and speaking
favorably of our Republic and the American way of life which fosters freedom and liberty.
It not only presents the various forms of economics, but fosters the American
heritage of free enterprise.