Registration Fees

# of Children

% Discount
2 children15%
3 children30%
4 children40%
5 children45%
6 children50%


FEES—(per student – per year – non-refundable)

Kindergarten - 8th Grade
9th - 12th Grade
Registration Fee
Association Fees and Legislative Representation
Activities Fees
Books and Supplies Fees
Total Amount Due for Each Child at the Time of Registration

*Pay the enrollment fee by June 4th and receive a $100 discount for each student’s fees. The enrollment fees must be paid before the start of school.

Tuition 2023-2024


Registration Packets

Note: Students who enter high school after
completing the 8th grade at Waukesha Christian
Academy will continue to follow the schedule
of tuition for 1st -8th Grade.

Tuition -(per student)AnnualMonthly
1st-8th Grade
High School

Families with multiple children enrolled

in the school receive a discount on their

tuition as shown above.